Watch Dr. David Anderson on CSPAN where Dr. Anderson highlights Letters Across the Divide.

Dr. David Anderson was appointed Chancellor of the newly named Omega Graduate School, formerly Oxford Graduate School.

Already on heightened alert because of the week’s activities at the United Nations and the Clinton Global Initiative, security in New York was even tighter following an explosion in the Chelsea area of the city over the weekend. Nevertheless, Dr. Anderson and a small team came into the city to help build bridges of reconciliation and spread the message of Gracism.

The United Nations General Assembly was underway and the City That Never Sleeps was full of citizens of the globe representing their home countries.

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Aren’t you glad that God is in control?

Opinions: Breaking Through Racial Barriers (11/01/2016)

While race can be and has been a barrier in our society, it doesn’t have to be. God has given His church the power to break through racial barriers. In order for whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, and Israelis to go beyond such barriers, it is important to see what God says about the matter.

Opinions: Breaking Racial Barriers (10/26/2016)

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