Gracism is now on the website for the Anglican Church in North America as recommended reading for both clergy and laity. 
In the midst of a tumultuous time of racial division and violence, two clergy have come together to bring healing to a wounded nation.

There's no better time than now to let people know that you stand against racism & stand for gracism. Please go to & register to be a gracist!

Latest Interests and Opinions

Interests: Roaring South Africa (10/26/2016)

Who knew when we entered the modern day South Africa last week that there would be such a roar? As my team and I sat just 50 feet from a female lion positioned behind a tree near the watering hole lying in wait for the herd of Zebra who were looking for a drink, we looked on silently in uncomfortable amazement at the Royal Madikwe safari hoping we weren't going to be suddenly attacked ourselves.

Interests: 7th printing of Gracism (9/15/2016)

A little personal victory for Dr. Anderson on September 13, 2016. He came home and opened his mail to find this book and note from his publisher, InterVarsity Press. 7th printing of Gracism! Thank you, God. #embracegracism